By joining Alpine Strength you are joining an exclusive training program that is usually only shared with World Cup athletes. In an effort to bridge the gap between junior racers and World Cup racers, Marie-Michele Gagnon has partnered with world-renowned trainer Alejo Hervas to create a more accessible training program. Each program has been carefully created and caters to the age category specified. Alejo Hervas has worked with ski racers of all ages and knows better than anyone else what makes a great program. After a successful ski season on the World Cup, Marie-Michele realized that ski-specific training is imperative for success – thus Alpine Strength was created in an effort to help up skiers of all levels to reach their greatest potential.

Ski Racing Programs

These programs are designed directly based off of my experience over the last 10 seasons training for the World Cup tour.  Needless to say I have had a lot of time to figure out what works and what doesn’t in my personal training and I am excited to share my training secrets with you.

General Overview 

    • Week 1 to 3 is an introduction block. It is designed to build a good solid strength base and learn the ski specific movement patterns, so that the next two training blocks are more beneficial.
    • Week 4 to 6 is a higher volume training block designed to make the bulk of the strength gains. It’s basically the time to get down and dirty with more repetitions, and more training sessions to get your system going.
    • Week 7 to 8 are designed to bring more quality over quantity to the program, focusing on power and precision by doing less reps with more weight, and bringing more pin-point intensity to the program. This last training block is the ultimate preparation for your race season.

Age: 12 and Under

MMG (2 of 20)
  • Appropriate for athletes who do not have extensive knowledge of weightlifting techniques
  • Uses body weight for most exercises
  • Incorporates body movement and agility to help athletes gain understanding of their different muscle groups.
  • Includes games
  • Does not require a gym
  • Very similar to what Marie-Michele did when she was under 12 years old

Age: 12 - 14

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  • High Intensity
  • One or Two workouts per day
  • Six days a week
  • Requires a gym
  • Requires some knowledge of weightlifting techniques and personal maximum repetitions and limitations
  • Appropriate for 12 – 14 year olds

Age: 14+

MMG (18 of 20)
  • High Intensity
  • Two workouts a day
  • Six days a week
  • Very similar to Marie-Michele’s program
  • Requires a gym
  • Requires extensive knowledge of weightlifting techniques and personal maximum repetitions and limitations
  • Appropriate for FIS level and Masters racers

*NEW Covid Special "NO GYM, NO PROBLEM"

no gym no prob

This is the NO GYM special program. Covid-19 is leaving some of us with no choice but to adapt our skiing preparation in order to get ready for the season ahead. This program is designed with flexibility and creativity in mind. With 8 different workouts laid out into a weekly proposal for each age groups (U12 to U16), the “No Gym, No Problem program” uses the minimum equipment necessary to have a successful pre season training. With a TRX, a medicine ball, a slackline, and a kettlebell/dumbell, you are ready to go! If you don’t have it all, don’t worry, we have some ideas for you!

*NEW Maintenance Program

MMG oct 18-25

The Maintenance Program is a ski camp/ in season training program. It is comprised of 6 different categories such as, basic recovery, core circuit, balance, movement, mobility and ski-specific movements. The other two wonderful additions are specific workouts to do the day before a race and/or when an activation workout is needed. We call them pre-race activations!! With this program, you are now set for your training needs for the entire season.

Recreational Skier Program

For the Recreational Skier, Alpine Strength has designed two programs to be mostly done at home with little or no equipment: Blue Square and Black Diamond. The Blue Square Program will be for those who have never followed a workout program or who have minimal time. The Black Diamond Program is for those who already workout on their own time, and want to train more like a ski racer.

The exercises have been chosen deliberately to help you ski stronger and stay healthy. The programs are both 6 weeks long.

Recreational Program: Blue Square

mitch good027

Recreational Program: Black Diamond

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With these Programs you will be able to:

  • Step on skis feeling confident, strong and ready
  • Immediately progress – with almost no wasted ski days trying to get the feeling back
  • Improve carving, inclination and acceleration because the necessary muscles will be ready to deliver the goods
  • Reduce risk of injury and soreness
  • Lengthen productive ski days
  • Have better balance/équilibre
  • Follow a very specific and clear program

Program Summaries and Comparisons